Sunday, June 12, 2011

Win some...lose some!

I am so very aware that in blogland (and sometimes in real life) we only share the good stuff. I understand why this is...two reasons I think.

1. Who would read blogs full of moans and groans and negativity?

2. We don't really want to be real in cyberspace and share our struggles.

I know other bloggers who present a very "perfect" image of their homes and children and I think this is a very dangerous thing as it will more than likely leave moms who do not have it "all together" or who are battling with different issues feel even worse about themselves, their home, their family.

I am all for cyber privacy...decidedly so! I think however it is important to be real and not present an image to others that is not honest, true, trustworthy and reliable. We need to be able to encourage one another when we are down, rejoice with one another when up and know that everyone has struggles - no one is perfect, we all have failures and sometime we all just get fed up!

As it relates to this blog...we have had some failures this year in the garden and kitchen. I learn from failures as well as I hope you can learn from what I share too.

1. We have still not seen any savings in vegetables since growing our own. The initial set up costs of the garden are yet to be paid back in cash savings! I suppose we could have done it cheaper, but Superman likes things orderly.
2. Leading on from #1...Superman and I have had many differences of opinion about the layout of the garden. He doesn't like my, as he calls it, "ADD eclectic" style :-) I don't really mind his ordered pathways and square is in fact much easier to plan like this and the gravel keeps the weeds under control.

3. We would have starved by now had we been the pioneers of the 1800's [blush blush] Our garden does not yield anywhere near what we need to feed our family. Even in the height of harvesting we probably eat about 3 - 4 meals from the garden, never 7 night a week!

4. My children are wonderful helps to me, they bless me so much with their helping hands...however, they are children and towards the end of the autumn planting season they had HAD ENOUGH :-) I am a little older and wiser so while I also had HAD ENOUGH, I wasn't anywhere near as vocal as them!

5. I have had some tremendous flops as I was too idealistic. Taking on too much too soon is one of my traits. Having this ongoing back problem now has made me reassess what I am doing and to par back to what we can do. There are certain non-negotiables but there were also other things that just had to slide for now.

6. Some of the flops are food related. We all agree that the cold cucumber soup was the all time low...tonights one-pot-crockpot-chicken comes in a close 2nd :-)Some of my breads were simply yuck...but we keep learning.

7. In the garden this year we again had a very unsucessful tomato crop. Better than last year, but really not what it should be. We have lost ALL our turnips to some critters AND our second last planting of potatoes was too late and the winter shade has robbed us of any winter spuds.

It is now coming up to the beginning of our 4th year in this Urban Homestead adventure. We are a little less idealistic, a little more tired, but still looking ahead to what more we can learn.

Despite the hardships, disappointments and disagreements, we are keeping on! The rewards definately outweigh the drawbacks, particularly when we see spring around the corner in a couple of months time.


Kids and Canning Jars said...

It is a great blessing to work on self reliance. To teach our children this also. You are amazing. Thank you for keeping it real.

Lisa said...

Great post Wendy.
I suppose it's not surprising that the most popular blogs are all picture perfect but it's hardly reality....Your honesty should be an inspiration to others.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the "real stuff" and being so honest. Although I don't comment much, I am always inspired by your lifestyle shared her in cyberspace. We have used several of your recipes - we love your bread rolls!
I am farming, yet still not self-sufficient! At times, I think we are only inching towards that goal (and I wish we were taking great strides), but every harvest is a blessing - even if it is a bowl of home-grown veggies! I would love the kids to work with me and I keep a separate veggie garden to hubby because we can't agree ... so many ideals.
You have a very special place in many lives because you have been faithful to do what you can where you are! Keep going ang keep growing!

Tuinmeisie said...

Thank you for this post, Wendy. I thought I was the only one who have dismal failures in the garden. You are the best.

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for your honesty and all the encouragment. You are doing a fantastic job.... I pray many blessings for you and your family. Love Lisa G

Cath said...

Excellent post, Wends. xx

Mo and Steve said...

Good post :) We try to tell the good and the bad.
So many new growers give in when things go wrong and I wonder how kuch of that is because *everyone else* is getting it right. I like fidning Blog posts where people have had problems we've encountered in the garden because so often there is help in there too.

africanaussie said...

Oh yes, that is definitely how we learn. Also if you don't have down days how will you recognize the good days? It is through reading other peoples blogs that I have concentrated on my compost and tried to be more organic. This year I am growing a lot more vegetables. I think because my compost is better and slowly my soil is improving, and I would never have tried as many different things without blogs. I am also concentrating on growing a large variety and only things we eat. 3 to 4 meals a week out of the garden is a success in my book - don't be too hard on yourself! Dont give up - there are lots of us out there enjoying your tips and recipes.

Linnie said...

Thank you for this posting, dear Wendy. You are still my Super Hero Veggie Gardener! Thank you for being real.

Sherrin said...

Yes! There are always plenty of garden failures and frustrations as well as joys! I garden partly because it is something Dave (my husband) wants me to do, and thankfully we can come to agreement about what should be done. Compromising as you have done is critical! We also grow gem squash although we are in Oz and my baby daughter loves it.

Wendy said...

Thank you all of you for your encouraging words.