Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Frugal Winter Soup

I have a self imposed "eat from pantry and garden" challenge simply because I cannot seem to get my act together and get to the shop!!

So we are eating some pretty creative meals...thank goodness I have the basics. One meal that wasn't too outrageous was our lunch from yesterday. A yummy winter cabbage, potato and bacon soup.

I had one cabbage in the garden ready to harvest...planted in summer...which was shredded and gently fried in butter. Then I added 1.5litres of homemade chicken stock, 4 peeled choped potatoes, salt, pepper and a pkt of bacon (sliced). This simmered during school time and was served with some fresh butter rolls.



tami said...

We're having 100 degree day here but that sure looks yummy. Thanks for the idea! I just might try that in 6 months...grin.

LG said...

I love cabbage, so I will certainly try making this soup this weekend...