Monday, June 27, 2011

There's a grandma in there somewhere....

Did I ever say how much I love my mom? I truly hope that at her age I will have the same amount of energy and zest for life!

My folks are here for 3 days and today my mom got stuck into my veggie garden...she pulled weeds, got rid of an invasive ground cover around the pond, staked broad beans and just made everything more tidy for me.

I worked really hard (ja, right!) and pruned the lemon verbena and rose geranium and pulled some of the nasturtiums up.

The geranium and lemon verbena are now hung up to dry. I hope to cook with the verbena once it is dry but I have big plans for the rose geranium. Hopefully I will blog about that at my herbal blog soon. In the meantime I just made it into a lovely tea by shredding 1/4 cup of leaves and letting it steep in boiling water, strained and added a teaspoon of honey. Very nice.

When everything was cleared I saw this amazing fungi growing on a stump that I use as a pot stand.

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