Sunday, August 30, 2009

1 day until Spring!

We managed to get most of the work done this weekend with the exception of planting the squashes and preparing the buckets for tomatoes. While I was busy with my to-do list the children and Superman did some other tasks.

Superman's side kick, Robyn, repaired the chicken coop...

And together they built a little retaining wall for some more herbs outside my kitchen.

The two supergirls planted up 12 window boxes of flowers, radishes and herbs which go along the fence of the first veggie garden.

The Incredible Hulk prepared his area for sunflowers. Last year he grew 5 and they did so well that this year he has a whole section to grow sunflowers in. We will save some seed and feed the rest to the chickens. This was a big job for a little kid.

The winter veggie garden has been weeded and is now ready with A-frames for squashes and the last hanging baskets were hung for a few more strawberry plants.

We also took all the ready compost that has been brewing for the last few months and it was delicious stuff full of earthworms. We dug this into empty beds ready to accept our corn seeds.

All in all a good productive weekend, I think we will all sleep well tonight!


Merinda said...

Your blog is so inspiring Wendy! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, your beautiful garden and your SUPER cool family with us. I'm learning a lot :-) Thanks also for your lovely photos, it's true like the saying goes: A Picture speaks a thousand words...
I would love to come and visit one day and admire your hard work.
Be blessed!

Jill said...

Looks like your super-family has been super-busy! Everything looks terrific!