Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It all started with a salad!

Way back in June 2008 we started this food growing adventure.

The first thing I produced, given that it was winter, was a salad. See below. I remember feeling so proud that I had grown this myself and that I was able to serve my family this side dish.

The first salad (note the date!)

We eat salad every night and for me it was a huge thing!

Watercress, nasturtium, lettuce, spinach and fresh peas

Ever since then our salads come from our garden.

Spinach, haloumi cheese, baby tomatoes and chickpeas

Our herb tower is now producing the most yummy mustard greens, rocket and water cress. Our chard forms a huge part of our meals, but I like to serve the small leaves in salads as it is packed full of nourishment.

Assorted leaves, snap peas, radishes

So, yes, it did indeed "all start with a salad."


Lois Evensen said...

Yum! Yes, we love salad at nearly every meal, too. Growing it yourself makes it even better.

Larissa said...

That is so encouraging as I have my first lettuce plants and used some of them for a salad the day before last! I was so proud to put leaves from our own "garden" on my families plates! So I'm hoping my gardening will start with a salad too!!!

Wendy said...

Oh wonderful Larissa! Well done.