Monday, October 18, 2010

Whilst holding my breath....

Well, not actually...but in my head I was...

We tested our olives yesterday and they are ready!

This is the timeline in the life of the olives.

We recieved them in May. They spent 3 months in brine.

We tested them for bitterness a month ago. They were 90% of the way there so we transfered them to the oil, herb and water solution.

Yesterday we finally decided they were good enough for our garden salad.

Some bottles seem to be better than others, but the ones we used last night had a wonderful garlic and rosemary flavour. We put the ones that needed more time to the back and started with the perfect ones.

We have 13kg's of olives to work through now before next autumn. I think I am going to experiment with a few recipes:

Olive ciabatta
Olive tapenade
Olive tart

And of course we eat them for snacks and in salads. Anyone else got some recipes to recommend?


Cath said...

They look fantastic. Ours weren't that great. Enjoy xx

Lois Evensen said...

They look fantastic! Yum. Other ways to use olives? Here's my Tomato Olive Bread recipe if you're interested:

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear yours didn't turn out well, Cath.

Thanks Lois, heading there now to check out the recipe.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

What a wonderful thing to learn! How do they taste in comparison to a black olive?
Pizza toppings
fillers for chicken casseroles and enchiladas.
olive and cream cheese roll ups in flour tortillas or maybe in rooties.

Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

Wow, well done! Quite keen to try this myself when olive time arrives. Where did you source them from, if I may ask? Also, just went & had a look at your recipe & wondering where the garlic & rosemary came in - did you add them with the brine? Thanks!