Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Garden Brings Me Joy!

Yesterday at a lunch with friends, one of them asked me where I feel "safe". This is a term that therapists use for helping people with hurts. (Don't worry I am not in therapy, she is a counselor and it was an interesting conversation.)

Well my garden is my safe brings me joy.

The pots in this picture hold my asparagus plants, the bed against the wall has the grape vine planted in it with some gooseberries that sprung up and a pepino melon plant that I was given.

Other pots hold my herbs - lavender and rosemary.

You can see the flourishing herb tower on the left and the strawberry baskets that Superman put up for me last year.

The grapevine is sending out it's new shoots like a plant on steroids!

This is the view from my kitchen brings me joy.


Lois Evensen said...

What a beautiful place to feel safe - and happy. :)

Rose said...

Wendy I've noticed the similarities between our two countries before -- maybe it's the angle of the light and our latitude? -- but this could almost be outside my door. :)

Carol Flett said...

I love your potted herb garden, Wendy! I've just posted your blog on my blog roll at

Wendy said...

Rose, if you are anywhere South of the Equator we will be similar. We have a mediteranean climate due to the ocean on our doorstep...and you?

Thank you Carol for the link to mine. Your garden looks beautiful.