Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mulberry Jam ~ Blast from the past!

This was a real trip down memory lane. Somewhere in the distant fogs of my youth I think I remember my grandma making this. The taste is definately something I remember...

A friend of mine has a weeping mulberry tree and we used to collect leaves from it when we kept silkworms. She kindly let us pick the berries yesterday for a couple of jars of jam.

My son came home with stained hands, mouth and feet! Too cute - I remember that purple blue stain on my own feet as a kid.

I used the Ball's Quick Berry Jam recipe as I had found some Pectin in the UK when I was there. (It was lurking in my sisters grocery cupboard!)

We did this recipe twice for a 8 bottle yield.

4 cups of berries
7 cups of sugar (close your eyes while you read that!)
2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Bring to a boil that you can't turn down...yes my first batch did overflow!

Then stir in pectin and boil for 1 minute.

Decant into hot sterilized jars.

We had on toast today as a snack - very yummy.


Lois Evensen said...

Ah, yes, we have mulberries here, too. And, the kids came home with purple fingers and lips. The worst part, though, is the birds in the tree over our cars after eating mulberries. ;)

Christine said...

It sounds like so much fun, Wendy! I love jam making but have never tried mulberry. What better way to enjoy your jam than remember all the stained hands while eating it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this takes me down memory lane - to our last farm with 7 mulberry trees. The girls would pick baskets full for extra pocket money and I would make jam for 3 days! Those bottles lasted us a whole year with extrato give away as gifts ... mmmm!