Thursday, August 13, 2009

Artisan Bread

A few weeks ago I decided to give artisan bread a try. The basic idea is that using their specific recipe you can have no knead bread dough available on tap in your fridge. A new batch is mixed every 14 days.

I have been making mine for 2 weeks now and we are enjoying the yeasty taste and crisp crust.

The basic recipe is free online but their book has so many delightful recipes that its worth the buy.

After mixing the dough you allow it to stand out for 5 hours and it just keeps on rising. It needs to spend the night in the fridge before you bake your first loaf.

When you need bread, you lob off a hunk and allow to rise for 20 minutes. Then bake it as normal.

In the book they talk about a custard really does have a creamy feel and taste. Delicious!


Sue said...

yummy, I just tried my first Artisan bread in 5 minutes, it didn't last long, the kids loved it. A bit salty for my taste, I will definately reduce that next time

Dani said...


Do you use a baking stone? Am I correct that it is basically a clay tile on which one bakes the loaf?

Whatever - the loaf looks delicious. Did you use Rye flour?