Monday, August 3, 2009

Carboard box redemption...and seedlings!

I know that my planting ticker on the right column tells the countdown to planting season, but I like to force early germination in my son's homemade hotbox.

A few weeks back I started some asparagus seeds and they needed to be repotted. I mixed some worm compost and soil and repotted them. Then those cardboard boxes from the takeouts on Saturday found a job. I move the seedlings in and out with the weather and sun, so the pots can all nestle inside the boxes for easy moving.

I also received my heirloom seeds this week from and planted my peppers (blonde, malawi, jalapeno, black) and my Carbon (black) tomatoes.

These also found a home in a big box from my last veggie delivery so that they can be moved in and out.

Hopefully they will germinate and grow big enough for planting in 49...48...47 days!


TLB said...

Congratulations on your seed starting. I've got all mine plonked down on the dining room table next to the sunniest window in the house :) You should look at if you like keeping track of your planting and growing things! I've registered there-you're welcome to add me as a buddy if you like?

Wendy said...

Hi there!

That looks like fun, but I fear time is short to join another gardening "forum".

What do you have growing?