Sunday, August 16, 2009

Many hands make light work.

Halfway through the morning my husband had a phone call with my mom. She is a great self taught horticulturist. As far back as I can remember I see her in my memory busy in her garden.

Just after the phonecall ended my husband kidnapped me and we went shopping.

Our pool area is a brickpaved space where I have got 4 1/2 wine barrels filled with an olive tree, a lemon tree and an orange tree. I had planted strawberries around the base last season, which is where we got all this years strawberries from for the hanging baskets (not the wall baskets).

We often think how this is such wasted space as it gets full sun all year and he had come up with a plan on how to put this area to work.

He had hung up the last baskets with my son yesterday while I was out, and today he was going to fill matter what.

My mom gave him some suggestions for flowers and herbs and off we went.

He mixed up potting soil with bone meal, water reataining granules and bounce back. Then son no 1 carried it to the spot. Girls and I planted them up and youngest son added one nasturtium seed to the front of each planter or basket. It was a job line and it worked. Bt 2.30 we had planted up the entire back yard and it was instantaneously transformed into a colorful cottage garden.

Now we just have to keep up watering a feeding them all...but as Superman says: "That's one of the reasons we have 4 children!" Mmmmh now thats a perspective on "Many Hands Make Light Work!"

I suppose this can seem quite indulgent as we are meant to be growing food, but it is also part of a bigger plan to offer bees and butterflies more flowers. But...that's not all folks! We have more plans in this vein! But enough for today!


The Family said...

Hi Wendy, that looks really pretty and we cant wait to see it when its grown more. Bees?... are great, but can be a problem near the house, as they dont like the smell of turned soil, eucalyptus essential oil and dogs going too close to the hive. We have a few in our garden and we've all been stung a good few times!!! Apitherapy is great!) If you have a flat area on your roof thats easy to get to, that might be a good spot. A bee course is also a good idea. Harvesting your own honey is an incredible experience.

Isolet said...

I think SUPER mom is quite fitting? It is all looking fantastic, and great tip on the marigolds!

well done.