Sunday, August 2, 2009

Attracting wildlife

Last summer we had a problem with our squashes not developing. When we starting hand pollinating them we started to get a better yield instead of the undeveloped squashes going brown and falling off.

We have lots of shrubs in our garden, some that have flowers in summer, but mostly just green. We also have the added problem of "Big White Dog" who kills any small plant as he thunders through our garden.

When my mom and I were working in the garden last weekend, she started potting up any and everything with flowering plants.

We are also going to hang more baskets along our walls with flowers for bees.

We already have sunbirds and white eyes coming into our garden for the feeders we have out and they enjoy sitting on the Strelitzias. We used to have a Leopard Toad that came to our bird bath in summer, but we haven't seen him for a while.

This is the sum total of my gardening for today, taking photos, besides for harvesting some worm compost - thick and gooey - which I plan to use for my heirloom seeds that I need to get germinated.

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