Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yuck -yuck -yuck

Well hardly and inspiring title for this post, especially as it is the first post for August!

However I need to shout out my feelings into cyberspace in the hope that I will find some redemption!

I have been woman down for the last 7 days due to bronchitis. It really set in on Thursday when I had to take to bed...very unusual for me. Plus the fact that I had to get antibiotics after 7 years of neither doctor or medicine.

My family have been fabulous at looking after me and the home and putting together meals that they can manage for all of us. But tonight they begged off and we gave in and bought TAKEAWAYS.

We have not eaten take outs for more than 8 months and after the first few MSG and salt laden mouthfuls our stomachs started objecting. Needless to say half the cartoons are left behind and we all feel yucky! And we are not even mentioning the amount of waste that this produced!

Oiy Vey!


The Family said...

Glad you're up and about because you need to get into the garden and start digging. THERE IS NO REST for the wicked!!!..... no really, hope you feel better soon!

Wendy said...

LoL - thanks for the kind wishes!

I have a few seedlings to plant today, that will be the sum total of gardening!