Saturday, August 29, 2009

Job completion check in

Shjoe, I am tired....but there is not lots to show for it. However I did manage to get half of the seeds we want planted. Alot of them have to be sown direct.

I used old milk bottles cut up and a permanent marker to label them and we used old seedling trays from nurseries to plant in.

This is what I planted - all of them are open pollinated heirloom seeds which I got from The Gravel Garden and from

Purple Calabash Tomato - 18
Purple Beauty Pepper - 17
Rosa Bianca Eggplant - 18
Ping Tung Egplant (18" long ones!) - 18
Golden Monarch Tomato - 18
Yellow Pear Tomato - 20
Ashley Cucumber - 24
Carbon Tomato - 20
Black Cherry Tomato - 20
Asparagus - 18
Bright Light Spinach (hybrid) - 24
White and pink beet - 36
Kale - 18
Loofahs - 9

So the hotbox is half full. We will monitor the germination to see if it actually does help.

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