Sunday, August 16, 2009

Superman does it again!

This morning before the sun was in its zenith (well actually at about 9.30) Superman and his side kick Robyn carried on with our vertical plans.

We were very keen to make tripods like Jane described in her book, but they don't suit our space.

So we have adapted her idea to make A-frames which will lean against the wall and the creeping veggies will climb there.

While they were busy with those, Catwoman planted the strawberry baskets inside the veggie patch

Lava-girl and Incedible Hulk got stuck into the weeds...for such little ones, they did a fabulous job!

And me, well, eeish - have run out of "super" names (and quite frankly I am just MOM) planted the hanging baskets.

I put three strawberry plants into each basket with one marigold. The Marigolds are meant to prevent nematodes. It all looks so beautiful!

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Jill said...

It really is lovely - your garden. I wish I was coming in to the beginning of our growing year instead of coming toward the end - things really didn't turn out how we had hoped with our weather this year. Ah well - that's what next year is all about!