Sunday, August 9, 2009

Should I stay or should I go?

On Friday I took the 4 children to Hermanus to see their grandparents and the beautiful Southern Right Whales that come to calve every season. It was a lovely time away and the whales put on a show for us, breeching and doing their whale things.

When I got home Superman would not let me into the garden. I was blindfolded and led to the veggie garden. He said he has a surprise for me.

And what a surprise it was....I have known Superman for 22 years and I know he doesn't do things in half measures. So when he watched my mom and I hang up 12 hanging baskets for strawberries, he was not satisfied.

So while I was away he contacted the wholesalers and bought a whole lot more...I shudder to mention how many more, but you can see for yourself! This is the sight that greeted me:

He added another basket to each we hung.

He hung more along a wall on the left of the garden...

He filled the wall with half moons.

He still has lots more to hang outside near our pool. His plans for these are for strawberries, herbs, tomatoes and flowers.

So the question is: Should I stay home more often to make sure he doesn't spend more money? Or should I go away more often to come home to these fabulous surprises?


Isolet said...

Found your blog in the Cape Times Today. This is so cool and what an inspiration. We fenced off half our garden and our first crop is ready! Nothing to the extend you have done, but definitely something to strive towards!

Merinda said...

Jippie!!! for Superman :-)
I would go for the Surprise-factor Wendy, He loves you :-), let him be...
Love Merinda

Megan said...

Hi I live in cape town in a flat I have blackberry & blueberry plants, How would i pot and water them as only have balcony?thanks megan

Wendy said...

Hi Megan

You can grow them in a pot but you will need to make sure they are fed regularly. You will need to plant them in acid soil - esepcially the blueberries.

Blueberries also need two plants from different varieties for cross pollination.

For more info on growing in small spaces, please visit:


Wendy said...

Hi Isolet,

Nice to "meet" you! All the best with your garden...just a couple more weeks til the reall work starts!

And Merinda...surprise factor it is!!

Ed said...

Hey Sis/"Aunt" Wendy - :) Ed and I love the site - and we can't decide whether you should stay home or visit us!!!!