Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home Made Soap Costing

This morning the first thing I did was check on my soap. It was completely set and came away from the mould easily.

I then scored it and cut it into blocks which fit into the palm of my hand. There were 24 blocks. We average 2 blocks a week between the 4 children and 2 adults.

I don't normally do cost analysis of items that I make at home but Superman has asked me to do it for this and my home made dog food.

This is the analysis:
We normally use Dove soap which is R30 for 4 blocks. That is R7.50/1.

For my home made soad I used:

Local Olive Oil (which was crazily more expensive than imported!) R89.99
Coconut Oil (Creeds) R85.95
Rice Bran Oil R36.99
Caustic Soda R16.99 (used half)
Essential Oil R59.95 (used ten drops)

Considering that I have 1/3 of the oil left and 1/2 the CS, each bar works out to about R8.00...which is then 50c more expensive than Dove....I think that's still fine. So does Superman :-)))

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Elaine Grobbelaar said...

At least you know what was put in the soap, and not a lot of ingredients that you can hardly pronounce. I would love to make soap as well, and this recipe looks quite easy. I'm also very cautious, but suppose the only way to learn is to actually do it!