Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day of small beginnings

A friend mentioned to me this week that she wished she could do more in her garden. That she is frustrated about the small patch they have as the rest of her garden is in shade.

I have been thinking about this and the thing is that we all have to start with something. When we first moved into this house we had two door sized beds to grow bits and pieces in.

Even nature starts small and sometimes growth is slow. Above are my grapes - tiny and green. This vine is 15 months old.

Our berries are still small and green, but there are lots of them and they will ripen in summer. I noticed too that the plant is sending up shoots along the fence too. So while I saw only little growth on the plant it was busy growing where I couldn't see anything.

My first courgettes are tiny, but the glorious flowers are showing up every day.

And here hangs our first granadilla...a promise of things to come.


Sue said...

I've loved reading your blog and have been meaning to get here for a while (from Rhonda's forum) Great ideas that I will put into practice in my patch.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

WEll, as a non-green-thumber, you make me want to try! Love the pictures. C