Sunday, October 25, 2009

Make way for the herbs.....

One of the easiest things to grow in a small garden are herbs. Even if you live in a townhouse or flat, you can still grow herbs on balconies and on your kitchen windowsill.

Wherever I can, I grow herbs. I have written about my love for borage before and even thought we don't consider some other herbs part of our diet, I grow many for their foliage, flowers or future uses.

Take bloody sorrel for instance...I have only recently discovered the beautiful red veined leaves can be used in salads when young, cooked like spinach when bigger or used as a meat tenderizer - and I was using it purely for color!

Then as a lover of all Italian food, we grow a lot of "Italian" herbs which are suited to pots - Basil, Rosemary, Sage, Majoram, Oregano....

My mom always had a pot or patch of mint growing under a tap in all the homes we lived in as I grew up...I have tended to copy her. As mint is an invasive herb it is better to keep it confined to a container.

I also try to grow at least 6 fennel plants each year. We use the bulbs in our delicious fennel soup and the fronds we dry and store or freeze in ice cubes.

My secret (well, not so secret now!) addiction is coriander (dhania or cilantro), which I grow wherever I can and I can grow it almost year round.

The two basic rules of growing herbs - they don't like wet feet (i.e. don't over water them and make sure the pot has good drainage) and plant them in full sun.

Happy herb gardening!


Sonja said...

Your herbs are so big and beautifull! I planted mine for the first time now about 2 weeks ago- can't wait until they are big like yours!
I want to ask another stupid Queation: can you realy have only hens and no rooster?? I never thought about it.I thought that you need the rooster in order for the hens to lay eggs!But I take a wild guess that he is just fertilizing the eggs?? I want to give mine away if that is the case,because he is picking on all the other. Will it work then to have only the hens, because we only want the eggs.

Wendy said...

Hi Sonja

You do not need a rooster. The hens will lay eggs whether there is a boy around or not!!

Sonja said...

Thanks Wendy, My son is going so sell the rooster today as it is his chicken-bussiness!

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