Saturday, January 23, 2010

All things wild and wonderful

A few months back a friend gave me a cutting of her pepino melon plant. This week we noticed that the few fruits it had produced had the tell tale purple stripes of being ripe. So we just had to try this strange fruit. The shrub of the pepino is native to South America but has done fine in our climate.

The fruit has a more watery taste to the traditional sweet melon but it was a nice snack to try anyway. Hopefully next year we will have a few more of them to munch.


Jill said...

Funny - it looks like an asian eggplant to me! Wow- was it good enough to warrant making space for it next year?

Wendy said...

Honestly, Jill, it was a bit watery, but it could go well in a fruit salad with other more sharp tastes.