Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another try

This morning before the heat struck I gave all the beds a good water by hand a a thick layer of compost.

Where the squashes were that I had to pull up was turned over and given some compost too.

I have decided to plant corn here. January is the last month for corn as it has a long growing season with the cobs being ready to pick between 9 and 12 weeks from date of planting. This means that we should still have sweetcorn in March.

During the week I planted beans up one of the trellises. These are not heirloom - I planted the Lazy Housewife variety as they yield very well.

The other trellis that my pumpkin was growing up has got the last planting of cucumber. I planted some organic seeds called Marketer which I got from the UK. Again this is the last month for planting cucumbers as they tend to get stung in this heat.

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