Friday, January 1, 2010

Stockpiling ~ is it necessary?

I've been thinking, in fact I think about things all the time. I chew topics over in my mind over a long period when I feel there is something that needs to be addressed in our home or lifestyles.

Some things are easy to do ~ real no should we save water? Or should I grow vegetables...easy things to implement.

But this issue of stockpiling has been worrying me a bit. I don't like doomsday prophets and naysayers...I prefer to trust in Father God to care for me and mine. This said I also believe as the Bible says: "A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences." Proverbs 22:3.

I like to think that I make wise decisions and that I am not a simpleton so I have been thinking about what steps we should take to be more prepared in case of food shortages, basic services and to reduce water and electricity dependence.

I could carry on thinking about this for a long time until I have it all sorted in my head...but this morning I read an article on the 2010 World Cup Soccer and the possible resulting food shortages and price hikes we may experience.

This may just be the thing to push me over the fence and start making inroads into stockpiling, water tanks and solar power.

Anyway, a few months ago I signed up for a E-zine on purely to get his very comprehensive survival kit/stockpiling lists. Wow! Are these lists completely all encompassing thorough lists....if you are keen to get thinking along with me, then do sign up for it.


Anonymous said...

I agree! Living on a remote mountain farm with 2 low level river bridges to cross means we could be stranded without supplies. I was told to keep at least 1 month's supplies on hand.
I found very helpful. They even email you baby steps monthly and have excellent videos and articles and lists and suggestions. We can all start somewhere.

Wendy said...

Ooooh Nads that is a fabulous site - I have signed up for the emails and got some of their lists downloaded already! Thanks so much!

Alternative Perspective said...

It is so nice to bump into a fellow South African who is also into prepping/stockpiling and self sufficiency.
I started "prepping" just over 1 year ago, shortly after we had the power load shedding in Jhb.To me the loadshedding was an eye opener because it made me realize how reliant we are on government and industry for our basic survival.

Marcell Pietersen said...

It's amazing sitting here reading this article only now, taking in consideration the food shortages that were never experienced in 2010... and now 2 days away from the "end of the world" I ask myself, would I be able to provide water, yes maybe for 2 weeks, electricity, maybe for 1 week, food from our own garden and stock, maybe 2 weeks. Would this matter in 2 weeks, shall we just be our best today and if we last for more than 2 weeks will we be happy looking back, or worried about the next 2 weeks. But is that not what we do everyday anyway, worry worry worry. Then I realize, the worry is what makes us rememberable, our kids look back and realize, once they become parents, that worrying actually was because mothers care and love so much that they spend most of their time thinking of others more than themselves.