Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pick everyday

I have been mentaly calculating how many hours I spend working in the garden each week. This is watering, feeding, planting, weeding, harvesting etc. I figure it must be around 16 - 18 hrs a week.

The one benefit of spending time each day watching and working in the garden is that you can keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to pests and disease, especially now in the heat of summer when all these things tend to become prolific.

The other is that you can help your garden to produce more for you. As we are on a small piece of land we have to use our space to its fullest potential. One way I do this is by picking everyday.

This is what I picked last evening. When you pick fruit or veg likes beans, marrows, squash each day or as soon as they are ready you stimulate the plant to make more flowers. This means there will be more fruit.

The one thing I do allow to grow really big is one courgette on a plant as I use that for my dogs in their homemade food.

My chillies are really coming on now and as we eat them with almost anything - well at least Superman and I, its a welcome sight for our eyes and tastebuds.

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Linda said...

Your summer must be coming to a close as our winter is! Or perhaps fall is just starting as winter has just started here... It's nice to see harvests, green, and all when we are covered with snow and looking forward to spring planting...