Thursday, January 7, 2010

Down ~ but not defeated!

I put up a good fight, I really did.

My opponent was greater than me and worked at night too!

Today I finally gave up and pulled out my gem squash plants - they yielded well and gave me about 40 gems over the last two months. The milddew was just too much for the plant and the same for my pumpkin.

I have been spraying with copper soap, cutting off infected parts, only surface watering...but to no avail, the milddew just kept spreading.

Now I have these two blank spots which I didn't anticipate as well as 2 it's back to the drawing board. Seeds that I can still sow for Jan and Feb here in the Western Cape are:

Cucumber (Jan only)

I think up one trellis I will do a cucumber section, the other can have bean. The open ground can have my last planting of corn as I have plenty of tomatoes....this one is a Carbon Tomato and is so far as big as my palm.


Anonymous said...

So sorry Wendy, it's awful to loose plants ahead of their season, but I'm sure you'll harvest something from your new sowings.
I'm busy spraying(with Margaret Roberts' Organic Herbicide) my sweetpeas for mildew. We don't want to loose one!

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Not a bad gemmies yeild, as my fellow Expat said "I'd crawl over broken glass for a gem squash right now.
Nice tomato!