Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tomato Update

A couple of weeks back my carbon tomatoes were attacked by red spider mite. They also got very sunburnt and I didn't think any of these would survive. I have other tomatoes planted elsewhere in the garden but I was really excited to try this tomato type as it has been dubbed "The World's Best Tasting Tomato."

The mites have literally sucked the life out of my tomato plants which are now brown and withered and I have had to drape old veggie bags over them plants to form some shade to prevent the sunburn.

It really is the saddest spot in my garden right now....

However tucked away at the bottom are some really great looking fruits. I picked the ones that had their first blush today and they can continue to ripen on my windowsill.

They have a brown/pink/red countenance....can't wait to try them. I will also save some of their seeds to try again next year.


Tanya said...

I feel your pain, how very dissapointing. What is the name of the variety? We've never had red mites thank goodness. We are very lucky living on an island

Slow Living Essentials said...

Hi Wendy, I'm sorry to hear about your tomatoes. At least they produced enough fruit for you to taste the fruit and save some seeds for next year's crop. I came across your blog at the DTE forums and am LOVING it! I have bookmarked it for future visits. Well done!! All the best, Christine.