Sunday, January 10, 2010

Garden Diary ~ Sunday

I mentioned that I had an asparagus problem sometime back. Because they are perennial I need to have a permanent spot for them. Because we have to really make our little spaces work hard for us, I cannot give these plants permanent space in our veggie beds.

We are still working on a solution, but for now I am just repotting them as they outgrow their pots. The back plants in this photo were started in June 2009. The smaller ones in front were started in Sept 2009. The back ones have been repotted 2 times. This is the first repotting for the smaller ones.

The silly things are like young adolescents - they are "strutting their stuff" and sending up their crowns, but the crowns are not even pencil thick. But they are obviously happy as the plumes are looking gorgeous.

So, that was one task for today. But we also put a layer of compost through the whole garden as a mulch to get through these next two very hot months. We also planted out the last watermelon seedlings.

Where we have cleared a bed of potatoes we added lots of compost and planted bright lights spinach and dwarf beans.

And in a semi shade bed we have planted lettuce.

All in a days work!


Jill said...


It's been months since I last checked in with you and your garden is absolutely lovely! I can't get used to the fact that being on separate continents, we have opposite seasons! We have snow on the ground, and all I can do is look at your garden and dream. You have inspired me with all of your vertical ideas, and the way you get your whole family to be a part of the process of making family food. I am so happy to be back in blogland, and checking in on you again!


Wendy said...

Hi Jill

Nice to "see" you again.

I do understand about the a few months I will be looking at all the gorgeous gardens bursting with food in the north and we will be drowning in rain.