Thursday, December 31, 2009

One of those awful New Year's posts :-)

All over I see the call for New Year's resolutions and I am asking myself - "Do I need to do that too?"

I have come back to myself and said a hearty "No!" The rebel in me refuses to resolve myself to anything...but I have got some goals. The ones that relate to this blog and my readers are the following:

~Continue to learn about canning my produce
~Work towards a "four season harvest"
~Replace more of my shop bought items with homemade/homegrown equivelents
~Implement a no spend month (or two if we manage one)
~Begin the conversion of our last area to grow fruit trees.
~Learn to knit.

Then some other frugal green goals are:

~Stop using shampoo....if this conjures up yucky images then you can read more about it here.
~Start stockpiling of basics

I am sure that as our year progresses there will be other goals that pop up but for now I think this is a good start. Please feel free to list you goals in the comments as it is always inspiring to hear what others have planned.

So for now may I wish my readers a wonderful, exciting, challenging and blessed 2010!


practicalpages said...

An awfully inspiring list!
I am prayerfully asking the Lord to show me how to do more of my activities in the garden and at home with my children ~ to share in the passion, labour, trails, joys and harvests. If they can join me, we'll all grow together.
Blessings for 2010!

Debbie said...

Laura I make a goal list and write it down every year, I don't make resolutions.
Happy New Year