Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And another year has gone by!

A silly title for a post in the middle of the year, isn't it? However we started our veggie garden adventure 2 years ago in this month, June!

When we started in June 2008 I thought it was just about growing vegetables....so we cleared a patch for 5 beds. Our first anniversary saw the garden pretty bare as I still grappeled with a 4 season harvest.

The start June 2008 - a blank canvas...no more rose bushes and lawn...

Summer 2010

Now Winter 2010

6 months later we created a second area which is mainly a summer garden as the shade covers 3/4 of the area during winter.


Summer 2010

Now Winter 2010

October 2008 we created a third area, also in almost full shade in Winter but in summer bore all our many many chilies and lots of rhubarb. We have sweet potatoes in there are the moment.

August 2009 saw Superman add 80 hanging and wall baskets around the property to make place for strawberries, herbs and flowers. And we got lots and lots of strawberries...to the point that we couldn't eat them fresh so we made lots of jam!

Spring 2009 bloomed full or promise and summer brought wonderful growth in the garden. Harvest 2010 this second year bought enough to can and freeze for foods out of season and lots of meals in season.

But the process of growing our own vegetable spurned a new interest in all things homemade thus began my re-education in cooking from scratch, canning, living frugally and homemaking crafts.

What an education it has been, here's to the next year and all that it promises to teach me.


Lois Evensen said...

Wow, what a fantastic journey through your growing garden! Your work was well rewarded! :) You are an inspiration to the rest of us.

Tanya said...

I really loved the photos of your progress and have a wonderful clear picture in my mind now about what you are talking about in the garden. I can almost picture you. You have done wonders with your space and I'm sure its inspirational for all of us. Great idea with the hanging baskets.

Dani said...


Your soil looks fantastic - sort of like what we have on the farm. Where we are in Cape Town we have 90% beach sand - whatever compost we add just sinks down, down, down into the sand - very frustrating.

Well done - your veggies are what I dream of producing on the farm - can't wait.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Wendy,

I'm back to invite you to stop over at my blog today where I have left something for you. :)


Bernice said...

You are in many ways inspirational! I absolutely love the garden and I am really motivated to start my own kitchen garden. Definitely a way to go. Do have a garden planning tips? Catch you at the homeschooling expo in Jo'burg.