Monday, June 14, 2010

Fear of failure and perfectionsim

My two knitting projects are finished....I feel that I have also overcome a character flaw in my approach to knitting. Doing the squares for the orphans blankets was a no brainer...I can knit rows and cast on and off.

But these other two - fingerless mittens and the beanie - I had to give myself some serious talking to to get them done. But they are done, flaws and all. So I humbly post my first attempt at knitting something other than a square...

The fingerless mittens are a winner for my little pianist and for me while working here when my hand freeeezes on the mouse. The second pair is half way there! Only 4 more pairs to go and we will all have some!

Baby Beanie, modelled here by Myley Build-A-Bear :-) Now that I have learnt how to knit them, I can teach it to my younger daughter for her to start her outreach project.

As to our squares we are now 32 squares in to our 100 square goal.

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Lois Evensen said...

Two great projects. Yes, the fingerless mittens are wonderful. I remember cutting fingers off of gloves when I played the clarinet in the band in High School. Your baby hat is sweet, too, and such a good project to learn to knit and learn to give.