Saturday, June 19, 2010

Learning new skills

I am a visual learner. I think this is one of the reasons I battled so much when younger at school. I needed someone to come alongside me and show me how things are done, not just tell me.

Obviously we get to know ourselves better as we grow older, and we also become more confident with who we are. These facts have caused me to seek out information in the way I can assimilate it over the past few years.

I also believe in mentorship, in it's simplest form it's learning from someone else who is happy to put up with my struggling first efforts :-0

There are three ways I now seek this information: first in people wiser than me, second at the library and third on the internet. I find that Youtube has a wealth of videos to teach skills, but I don't really have the time to watch them all. Besides, I like people so people are always my first choice.

Yesterday my daughters and I went hunting for books at the library...this is what we came home with:

And in the afternoon my younger daughter and I met with "Granny Carol" to learn basic crochet. Wow! Talk about mental gymnastics as my neural paths sparked and tried to make the connections!

My daughter managed quite well and was soon underway with a simple square...and me...well it took a bit more time (let's call it "the age factor").

Granny Carol has also used some of the donated wool to crochet squares for the Knit A Square project we are busy with...she averages 20 minutes per square!!


Lois Evensen said...

How wonderful to share your skills and do projects together. I'm working on teaching my grand daughters to crochet and knit, too, and always have a couple of small projects to do with them when we have a few hours together. Your gift of time will always be remembered. :)


Christine said...

What a fantastic opportunity to have someone show you how, Wendy! It sounds like a great day and lots of fun. Why do kids always seem to pick up these things so much faster than adults?!