Sunday, June 13, 2010

No need for a rain jacket

While it rained through the night, this morning dawned wet but sunny.

It took a while to readjust my headspace as I had now planned a day indoors at the fire finishing my knitting projects. It only took a little nudge from Superman to get me outdoors so I left the girls to sort the house and the boys and I went to start clearing the beds.

I had to thin some of the winter veggies, and while these are a little on the small side they will do just fine in a stew tonight.

We planted out two beds - one with broad beans and one with peas. I first tasted broad beans at the litte bistro around the corner last winter. The chef did them in a lovely herby tomato sauce and I was sold on the first bite! I have never grown them before but this is my third planting of them for the season. I can't wait for the yield.

This is my second planting of peas which I should harvest by spring. I hope to get in another few plantings and have some peas for the freezer too. I just have to stop myself eating them in the pod and let them grow to adulthood :-)

We came into find the girls making scrambled egg for lunch. Our chickens have slowed down in laying with the shorter days and colder weather but we get about 3 a day from the 5 chickens now.

Their egg shells are washed and either crushed and given back to them or I use them around my seedlings to protect them from snails, but since having the chickens we hardly find a snail.

Now that it's just past noon I still have time for my indoor projects...glad the day turned out like this.


Lois Evensen said...

Fresh veggies in a stew. Yum. We recycle our egg shells, too. They go into the compost bin and become part of the black gold that we use around our plants.

Christine said...

Sounds like a great day, Wendy. I like to use our egg shells too..sometimes I dry them in the oven on low, or near the fire, then crush them up. The 'girls' just love them!

I showed my daughter your daughter's blog and she was very impressed. I think she may stop by soon to say hello to her (she wants to fix up her blog first though, lol). :o)