Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekends away and things to do

This weekend is Superman's birthday and we are going away for a bit or R & R with our children and family friends. Amber, the ailing chicken, is safely ensconced at the vet who will watch her for us for the weekend. She has sadly not improved, but she is not worse either.

We had rain last night so the garden is watered and our housesitter will care for the rest of the animals. There is always so much to see to when we go away but the time out is so worthwhile.

I am taking two projects to work on this weekend. Knitting for is coming along nicely with us having passed the 1/4 mark a week ago. My first pair of fingerless mittens is completed and needs to be sown up and the second pair has been started. I am also helping my youngest daughter get started on her kknitting project which is "Beanies For Babies" and I hope to have one completed myself this weekend. Being winter here there will be lots of time for fireside knitting in between walks and a mountain bike ride.

The other project is organizing my recipes....don't you think it needs to be done?

See you all on Monday!


Lois Evensen said...

Happy Birthday to Superman and have a great weekend. All of your projects sound like the kinds of things that will be relaxing and fun.


Joyfulmama said...

Oh I can SO relate! We're heading out Knysna way in two week's time, and I'm already planning to spend a good few evenings sewing in front of the fire place! Plus, my recipe file could possibly out-do yours in terms of chaotic-ness, if there is such a word, so thanks for the idea - I will be taking it along, too! Hope you have a beauty-full break!