Wednesday, June 9, 2010

EEEK...where am I going to put all this stuff?

I think I may have gotten a little carried away in the moment!?!

I have been building up my stockpile for the last few months and it is coming along well. But yesterday I had finished my 3 months planning sheet from and was inspired :-)

My goal is to not have to go to the "big" shops for the next 5 weeks due to the World Cup. I actually think it's a little paranoid seeing that only 5 matches are being played in Cape Town and the rest at higher altitudes...but anyhow!

So besides for what I have bought over the last few months, this was the last push before Friday when it all starts.

I realized when we unpacked all this that there are so many things that we make ourselves, the biggest ones being our own dog food (raw materials rice-veg-meat) and clothes washing powder (raw materials: sunlight soap-borax-washing soda), bread, pasta, sauces, treats, puddings and more.

But I also looked at the pile filling my kitchen counter and thought that there must be more that we can do.

I used to make my own muesli, but got lazy...I did only buy the raw materials for that this time round.

The girls and I were making a list of the things we need to make on the weekend to process this, I think we have a busy couple of days ahead.


Kids and Canning Jars said...

OK- I just have to finally speak up. I have been following your blog for some time now.....and well I am wondering if you are LDS? The Homestoragemadeeasy gals are. I have read absolutely every entry you have every made and I have been so inspire by several things you have done.. To name a few. Your vertical and hanging gardens amazes me. I started making artisan bread after reading about you doing it. I love your homemade pots for planting starts. Let's see I could just say everything. Oh and of course the edible flower garden....ooooooh I need one of those. Thanks for all you do! I love following your blog!

Wendy said...

Hi Melisaa

No I am not LDS :-) I know the gals are at HSME. The reason I liked their approach and their ebook/ecourse was that they did not push the "end times" and other doomsday teachings that are normally associated with stockpiling and preparedness.

I am a Christian homemaker, and at the moment I am walking as Jesus leads. I am hoping that my efforts towards stockpiling will simplify my very full busy life a little.

Thank you for being inspired by our little efforts around our home and for letting me know that you read my entries.

Have a wonderful day.

sally said...

hi wendy,

I noticed that you had blitz on your table. We stopped buying that ages ago. We bought an old fashioned bellows instead. (you know, that old fashioned leather and wood thing that puffs air out) Just scrunch up a ball of old paper, a few twigs...(I send my kids out on stick safari's and always take a basket along when we go for a walk to pick up sticks) And a few little puffs and you have a roaring fire.

no yucky petrochemicals either.

love your blog!

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, what a wonderful way to preplan. We also make our own dog food. They only eat raw/fresh and wouldn't have any clue what to do with dog food.

Great post!


Wendy said...

Hi Sally

Yes, bellows are a much better idea. I agree. Will just have to find some!

Kids and Canning Jars said...


Thanks for the response. I enjoy your little blog name popping up on my dashboard. I am a stong beliver in stockpiling. I do all types of food preservation. I love to make it all from scratch. I have 4 kiddos and think that we have many of the same goals as famlies. I have often told a few people "my friend who lives in Africa".... I am of course talking about you.. You never know the impact you can have on people and I just wanted you to know I enjoy sharing lifes journey with you. Thanks again,

Dani said...


I also noticed your Blitz - and wanted to share with you our firelighters. I save a jar full of used dried out teabags which I dampen with a just a small dash of parrafin. Seal the jar well, and you'll always have firelighters available.

Wendy said...

Melissa, thanks for the feedback. It's so nice to know what I do has international "consequences' and friends:-)

Dani, thats a great idea. I normally give my teabags to the compost or worms....will give your idea a try!