Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where are all the mushrooms?

On Wednesday I took a group of about 20 moms and kids up into the forest where I normally cycle with my son. I had hoped that we would get all the way to "Level 5" but as some of the littler ones got tired we had to stop at Level 3. Last year we also made this most enjoyable hike.

There are always more mushrooms further up and we were hunting for edible Pinerings.

There were none up to that point which was dissappointing, but it did not stop the children from having a wonderful time. We only saw baboons right at the bottom, although we could hear them calling throughout the walk.

The rivers and waterfalls were running strongly after all the rain we have had....but no mushrooms!

Right at the end the younger boys found some lovely mushies, just not the edible kind! We hope to walk again and make it to Level 5 before mushrooming season is over.


Lois Evensen said...

What a fun outing for the kids and the moms. Baboons? We certainly don't have those in the forest here! It sounds like a great experience.

Christine said...

What a beautiful forest! And not a wasted day out, even if there were no edible mushrooms to be found. Hopefully you come across some for eating soon. ;o)

Wendy said...

Tokai Forest is wonderful but the trees are slowly being felled which is a great sadness.

Besides for the beauty, many animals are being displaced in particular the Fish Eagles and Porcupines.

The baboon troops are also being forced down to the residential areas which is causing a whole host of problems.

But while the forest is still here, we delight in it.