Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey! Mom...come look at this!

My children work hard in the garden and while the major push of planting and compost adding is done for the season there is alot of weeding and watering still happening.

Just becase I am not super human (we only have one of those in our family :-)) I need their help with watering the hanging baskets daily. Sometimes they grumble but generally work with happy hearts along with me.

It was a delightful voice that called to me this morning as my son was doing the watering of the baskets as he spied this amongst the vine....

He says when he is surprised by our garden like this he feels that all his hard work is worth it.

Our grape vine is 18 months old and has been through one pruning. This is the first year that it is showing a promise of fruit. We have about 20 bunches on it and it spans the fence for about 2 metres.

We water it deeply daily with a trickle hose at its roots and then weekly with a rich feed like worm juice.

Can't wait to try them in a couple of months time!

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ATW said...

Oh wow!! those Grapes look de-lish I planted three vines this past year and with fingers crossed I hope to have some that look as good as yours. Good Job!!