Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our garden today

Last December I took my readers on a virtual tour of each section - granted, at that stage there were only two areas in production. This year we have 4. So here goes:

Area 1 is the oldest and most established in terms of being more organised as we used raised beds and gravel pathways here. We have 4 beds with potatoes, 4 with corn, 1 with beans and lots of wall baskets with strawberries. We also have 4 granadilla vines, but only 2 are doing well. Down the side are more baskets with strawberries hanging from the pergola and all my herbs. The grapevine trails along the fence. Right in the back corner are sunflowers which Incredible Hulk has planted. They stand taller than our corn.

Area 2 was started about 6 months after area one. This year we mounded up sections and place boards in between the beds. Here I have beans, gems, pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, corn, loofahs and baby marrows growing.

Area 3 was started this year in a desperate attempt to reclaim our garden from Big White Dog who was running a rut to the front gate. He now has his run on a gravel pathway. Here I have borage, rhubarb, chillies, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes have been dug up so many times by the chickens that I hope they will recover.

Round at our driveway we have our compost area which now houses two good looking pumpkin plants but I think I may have planted them a little late...ah well, one has to try. We also have 4 stacks of potatoes in tyres (one not pictured) which need to be filled up with more soil.

That's pretty much year we want to sort out the last area which will mean taking out non-indigenous trees and building up beds for fruit trees and of course a permanent spot for my 18 asparagus plants.

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Debbie said...

You have a great garden Wendy wish mine was that big.
Merry Christmas