Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jungle gardening

In one of my favourite gardening books - Jane's Delicious Garden - I came across this term...Jungle Gardening.

Because of our space constraints we have had to modify her ideas and instead of having a tripod to grow our climbers we used an A-frame with slats leant against the wall.

We have allowed our second garden to be more loose in it's design but have put down boards to walk on between the plants.

It is in this space that we are growing our courgettes and with all that we have growing in the garden at the moment, it is the plant that is yielding the most. And like a true jungle where things grow biiiiiiigggggg....

It wouldn't be fair to call this giant a "baby marrow" so a fully grown courgette it will be! This beauty found it's way into one of our favourite meatless meals:

Cube 1 butternut
Place in a ovendish, sprinkle with olive oil and salt.
Bake in a medium oven.

Peel and cube and equal amount of potatoes and add to the dish in the oven. Toss a little and return to the heat.

Place a dish of sunflower seeds in the oven to roast.

Slice the courgette and add to the dish for the last 15 minutes of the 1 hr cooking time.

While this is cooking, mix together the juice of 1 lemon, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, chopped parsley and chives, and two cubed rounds of feta cheese.

Remove the vegetables, sprinkle the roasted sunflower seeds over and the feta/sauce mixture and serve. Delicious.

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