Saturday, December 26, 2009

It makes it all worthwhile!

As my post below talk about harvesting all the gems from my mildew infected plants I thought I needed a good news story for my today I harvested a whole lot makes all the months of hard work worthwhile when we start to eat our own produce.

We know this is free from pesticides, bursting with goodness and fresh fresh fresh! An added bonus is that our food miles for this meal are literaly foot miles...right outside our back door.

I harvested 12 gems, 5 marrows, 1 medium butternut and 1 cucumber.

Then I went to my first bed of potatoes that were planted at the end of Oct and pulled up 3 plants...this was a gorgeous yield from 3 plants. Now here is some maths - I have 4 beds of potatoes each with 20 plants in....I think we are going to have a bumper crop!

And the 1 cucumber is so exciting for me because last year I didn't get any from my plants so I am sure you will allow me to be super excited!

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