Friday, December 11, 2009

A wheelbarrow full - almost

It's so good to be able to take from the garden after all we have put into it over the last few months.

Today when I got home from gym I decided to head straight into the gardens to do some maintenance work. I banked potatoes, staked tomatoes and planted some corn where I pulled up spent spinach.

I then collected all produce ready for harvest and this was the result...

I made spinach quiche for supper using the good non-holey spinach and the more tattered ones were washed and cooked for the dogs in their food. One large courgette went to a friend and the other into dog food and the last was made into yummy courgette and almond muffins for an end of year function.

The strawberries are almost at 1.6kg's for the week and tomorrow I plan on making some strawberry jam for us. Can't wait!

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