Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mildew - aaargh

About a week ago I noticed that some of my squash plants had the white telltale spots of milddew. I started spraying them with copper soap (last year I tried milk and vinegar)and it seemed to have retarded the spread of this invasion.

However it is still spreading....

This morning I had to face facts that if I do not remove the diseased plants it will spread all the more rapidly. This meant harvest all the ready gem squash and then pulling up the plant.

Afterward all my marrow, pumpkin and gem plants that remained were given a good does of copper soap.

The diseased plants cannot be put into the compost as the spores will just lie dormant in the organic material and when used in the garden will continue to spread. So there is only one place for them - the bin. I suppose if you have a large property you can burn them carefully...but I am too nervous to work with a fire in my urban setting.

If you have other pests in your garden here are some ways to control them in an eco-friendly way.


Debbie said...

Wendy I have pulled up my zucchinis as they had mildew and I could not get rid of it no matter what i sprayed with.

Wendy said...

Oh Debbie, that is so sad. Our zucchini is hanging in there, but I do see the spots appearing.

They have given me a plentiful harvest already so I won't feel too bad if they go, but then I will have to find something to fill the space they were in.

How's the rest of your garden doing?